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Dec 05 2016

RateHub Roundup: December 2016

It’s been another busy month, especially when it comes to mortgages. New rules are coming into effect in different places across the country, and it’s all leading toward one thing: higher mortgage rates. Of course there … Read More


Dec 04 2016

Why You Should Never Lie to Your Home Insurer

When it comes to insurance fraud, Canadians claim to be a trustworthy bunch: a 2014 survey by InsuranceHotline.com found that only 12% of respondents would claim unrelated damage from an auto accident, 11% would exaggerate what … Read More


Dec 03 2016

Should You Buy Life Insurance From a Friend?

The world of life insurance can be unfamiliar. Getting advice from a friend (or family member) who sells insurance seems like a good idea. Pros You know your friend. If you’re lucky, your friend: has a … Read More